11 movies all travelers should watch

When I’m not traveling, I am often tempted to drown my frustration watching movies on the theme of travel. Here is a list of 11 films that make you want to go on an adventure.

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Wild : an autobiographic and feminist movie

Wild, le film

Wild is a film based on the autobiographical novel by Cheryl Strayed. I really loved this film. First, because the main character is a woman and, unfortunately, women are still under-represented in this kind of movie. Second, this walk of 1500 kilometers on the Pacific Crest Trail enables her to “purify” her soul after big problems in life. This idea of purification through travel is the basis for the story. Focus on the essentials. Abandon the superficial.

The spanish apartment or “L’auberge espagnole”

It is a french-spanish movie. I could talk for hours of “L’auberge espagnole“, the following movie “Les poupées russes” and the last one “Casse-tête chinois”. These are the only movies that I can watch at least once a year ! It’s simple, I do not get tired. They talk about two passions of mine : travel and writing. The main character takes part in the Erasmus program in Spain and leaves with funny roommates. This film gave me a utopian vision of exchanges programs. Myself, I lived six months in Canada. This film really influenced my life. If you have not watch it yet, shame on you!

I’m French, Spanish, English, Danish. I’m not one, but many. I’m like Europe, I’m all that. I’m a real mess.

L’auberge espagnole

Into the wild

You will probably hate me but I did not like it. Yes, it is possible. Why ? I do not know, it’s just … not transcendent. But because it is a classic and for you, dear readers, I could not zap completely this movie from my list. If you loved it, you have the right to give me your reasons in the comments. Maybe I have missed something.

I do the same look in front of a good dish of french fries beautiful landscapes.

into the wild
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Seven years in Tibet

A classic ! The movie “Seven years in Tibet” is a little bit old but it is still good to watch. It is a real postcard. Nevertheless, the movie hides deeper reflections on the nature of man, the hatred of others and repentance. The film is based on the autobiographical novel by Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian alpinist and Nazi sympathizer. He was captured by the British in India at the beginning of the Second World War while attempting to climb the mountain Nanga Parbat. He manages to escape from his prison with some friends. He hardly find his way to Tibet. There, he will spend seven years of his life and become the confidant of the young Dalai Lama. Brad Pitt and director were later banned from China for this movie.

Seven years in Tibet


The secret life of Walter Mitty

This movie makes me want to give up my routine and jump on a plane to make my dreams come true. I let you watch the trailer and judge for yourself !

The motorcycle diaries

Based on an autobiographical novel, this movie is about a road trip in motorcycle. The main character is Ernesto Che Guevara. The story takes place in South America. The misery and social injustices takes you in the guts.

Lost in translation

Still a classic. The action takes place in Tokyo. The main character is an actor who came to Japan to do a commercial for a whiskey. Obviously, he is a little bit lost because he does not understand this culture and do not speak a word of Japanese. Notice that he could have done some effort before, couldn’t he? Anyway … Later, he meets a fellow American, disoriented too. They will sympathize. It’s a good movie but it kind of bother me a bit. Indeed, we cannot have fun discovering a country alone ?


I first read the book (in french) when I was in college. This is a book that will really immersed you in the story. This is an amazing story about a little boy who goes for the first time with the caravan of yaks carrying salt on dangerous roads in the Himalayas. We discover a completely different and therefore fascinating culture. A book to read for those who dream of Asia and a movie to watch for the laziest of us!


Home is a film to inform and educate the public to the preservation of the environment. You can watch it for free on Youtube. It shows our planet from every angle. You absolutely need to see this documentary. Thank you Mr. Yann Arthus-Bertrand.


On the same theme, the film “Earth” takes you all around the world, by land, by the air or in the water. The landscapes are breathtaking. You absolutely need to watch this movie !

The way back

Based on a novel, the movie “The Way Back” tells the story of prisoners who escape from a Siberian camp and walk more than 6,000 kilometers to reach India. Certainly, we would not like to be in the same situation but this movie is an amazing story about freedom and solidarity.

And you, what are the films that make you want to make your backpack and go away?

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  1. I have to see some of the movies on this list. As far as my favorite movies, I like movies in which the plot takes place in a special location and teh city or the country becomes a movie character in itself. What I watched so far and liked: The Beach, The Darjeeling limited, Out of Africa, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Under the Tuscan Sun, Before Sunrise, Amelie, Midnight in Paris.

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