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Europe : Where to travel in December ?

I really love winter and snow. December is, on my point of view, the best moment to have fun. There is so much places to visit ! Some people prefer to go far away from home to somewhere sunnier. I am one of those people who prefer the cold and the snow rather than sun and beaches. Here are my top 4 destinations for december.

1. Shopping in Strasbourg (France)

Christmas market in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a nice city in the East of France. Its centre has been listed as Unesco World Heritage. Strasbourg and the region of Alsace are a nice place to visit all the year because of its heritage sites, culture and gastronomy. You will walk in this amazing city, immerse yourself in its history with its half-timbered houses. Its unique atmosphere came from the double influence of Latin and German culture.

December is the best moment to come in Strasbourg. The city is known for its Christmas market, the oldest in France (28 nov – 31 dec).


2. Skiing in French Alps

Alps are always a good destination in winter. Skiing and snowboarding in French or Swiss Alps is a great experience. The landscapes are magical. If you don’t like skiing, you have plenty of other activities : snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice climbing, …etc.

And what to say about the gastronomy ? Cheese and wine everyday ! Be careful, skiing is not always a good way to loose fat 😉

Where to travel in December : french Alps

3. Meeting Santa Claus in Lapland

Santa Claus is Finnish and lives in Lapland. You can meet him all year round in his office in Rovaniemi. Of course, this is a great destination for children but for adults too. Winter in Finland is a unique experience. First reason is the darkness and the cold weather. Of course, if you wear the right layers of clothing, the cold will be bearable. And you will come back home with the pleasure to say : I have been above the Arctic Circle. With luck, you will observe the northern lights ! After Lapland, you can also visit Helsinki.

The official travel guide of Finland : 

4. Chilling in Budapest (hungary)


Budapest is a nice place to chill, especially with a low budget. One of the best things to do in Budapest is to relax in a thermal bath. I recommend you to test the Széchenyi bath and its open-air sections. There is more than 12 baths in Budapest. The city has also a lot of Unesco world Heritage sites : the bank of Danube, the Buda Castle, …etc. December is a good month to discover Hungary, its culture and history.

And you, where would you like to go in december ?

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  1. Awwww… Lapland is on my bucket list too. I would also recommend Romania as an European winter destination. It is my country, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great to spend the winter holidays here, skiing in winter resorts such as Poiana Brasov or Sibiu.

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