5 packing tips for traveling light

To really enjoy your travel, you have to pack smart. Heavy luggage will slow you down. If this is your first trip, I must warn you : you will walk more than you expected ! That’s why you need to pack smart and travel light. In this article, I will give you 5 packing tips for traveling light ! Feel free to leave your own advice in the comments below.

1. Choose wisely your travel bag

One month, two weeks or three days, it does not matter. I highly recommend you to choose a backpack instead of a rolling bag. Choose a bag between 30L to 40L. That will be enough for most travels, even for one month. If you take a bigger bag, you will take stuff that you do not really need. That is as simple as that. The only reason to take a 60-70-80L bag is when you have to take your food, gear and fuel with you for a long-time trip. It is said.

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2. Use at the most your smartphone

If you will have a constant access to a socket, you can use your smartphone for many things. There are apps for everything nowadays. One of my favorite is City Maps 2Go, an offline map and Travel Guide. You can plan your trip at home and use it anywhere without internet connexion. It is available for Android and iOS.

3. Use a money belt

A money belt has two functions. The first goal is to relieve you of your heavy wallet. Who needs all its loyalty cards in a foreign country ? The second goal and the most important one is to protect yourself from pickpockets. You can put your debit and credit cards and all your essential documents in this belt. Of course, the money belt must be under your clothes. Put your money for the day in another hidden pocket. Nobody should know that you are wearing a money belt.

4. Please, don’t take clothes you will never wear

The secret for traveling light is to take the bare minimum, especially concerning clothes. Be smart, and take functional ones. I love convertible pants. You can convert your pants into a short. Thereby, you will save space and weight.

I always bring quick-dry clothing (t-shirts, panties, towel, …) with me. To save space, you will have to do the laundry, so it is important to choose clothes easy to dry, especially if you are going in a cold country.

5. Traveling light is a lifestyle

Taking less is a good exercise to fight capitalism by changing our point of view. That could seems extreme but after a trip with the bare minimum, you will probably ask yourself : Do I really need that new smartphone ? That new fridge ? In a trip or in real life, always ask you the following question : Do I really need that stuff ?

If the answer is :

  • “No, I don’t” –> Do not take (or buy) it.
  • “Not really but … You never know !” –> Do not take it.
  • “Maybe” –> Put it aside and ask you this question again when your bag is almost finished.
  • “Yes, I want that stuff because I love it” –> Do not take it.
  • “Yes, I need that stuff to survive and enjoy my trip” –> Take it.

Congratulations, you are now a star at packing and traveling light !

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